Across the sea to Ireland

04th September 2014
Having just begun to see the Heather turn now (so long for another year) I think I've managed a few more photographs this year compared with 2013. This included a couple of visits to new locations for me, Win Hill and West Nab, which proved to be rewarding trips.

The next photography milestone that mother nature sends our way is the Autumn colours, which is another great time to be out taking pictures.

However, after some dithering on my part I've decided to head over to the Northen Ireland coastline for a break. As usual, I need to do some reading around the area but I'd like to have a look at those little known spots such as the Giants Causeway and the Dark Hedges. I don't think they've been photographed before.

Alright, they have been photographed by just about everybody but I'll try and give them my attempt. If its anything like my recent photos that means I have to get there with the sun in the shot and capture a starburst. I think its in the stephenpricephtography book of kung foo (sorry, book of photo rules).

We'll see how it goes.

Update: my first trip to an outdoor shop for information and maps of Northern Ireland was unsuccessful. Apparently, all of Wales is covered with maps/guides and there are maps of even smallest Scottish island (an 11 hour ferry trip from the mainland) but nothing on Northern Ireland (a relatively minor 8 hour ferry trip away). I've never noticed this before. I shall check if this discrepancy continues in other shops.