Back From Solvenia

27th October 2013
What a fantastic break!

My workshop holiday in Slovenia went very well and we were blessed with some superb weather which mean it was a extremely productive time for photography. A typical day meant an early alarm call at 0400 (4 am) to head out for sunrise at either Plan A or Plan B, and then we were on the road until about 2000hrs (8 pm). Tiring, but worth it.

The autumn leaves were at their best and mornings were generally misty and interesting, which some good low cloud cover thrown in for effect. I don't think it could have been a lot better really.

I was very impressed with Slovenia, the countryside, the mountains and the places were all clean and interesting. Very peaceful at this time of year (especially at 6 am) but they say it can get very hot and very busy during the summer months. I would definitely say that Slovenia is a hidden gem.

Being close to the Italian border we were able to expand the field of photo opportunities and again, the lakes and mountains were superb.

This time I didn't lose any equipment but I have swopped by 17-40mm lens now for a 16-35mm version, which I hope will be even sharper.

It'll take me a while to process all the shots - but here is a starter for 10.