Back from the Tatras

04th November 2012
My trip to the Tatras Mountains in Slovakia with Adam Burton was greeted with an unseasonable cold snap and snow falls causing delays on the roads. I thought that just happened in Sheffield. The wintery conditions were a month early and the first snow fall in October for about 25 years. It was certainly chilly.

The holiday started off on the wrong foot as we'd been given the wrong booking reference by Tatra Photography. I did wonder whether I'd get on the flight. All was well after some discussion with the check-in clerk.

After landing a Cracow in Poland the Slovakian border was easy to spot as the Slovaks didn't grit the roads as they were in the National Park.

Day 1 was an early 0500 hrs start at minus 8 degrees for a trip to Strbske Pleso Lake. The fog prevented any sunlight but gave some superbly atmospheric conditions for the pines covered in snow and ice. We then changed locations, via a woodland walk, to another lake at Popradske Pleso. A brief burst of afternoon sunlight soon gave way to biting wind and colder temperatures. I did enjoy the snowy conditions but 3 pairs of socks would have gone down well instead of just two.

Day 2 started again at Popradske Pleso in similar conditions. Nature gave us an almost perfect monochromatic landscape - very interesting indeed. Finally, the sun came out back at Strbske Pleso Lake which added for some warmth to the snow and the mountains and some different conditions yet again.

After a hectic and tiring break I would recommend a workshop with Adam Burton and for mountain scenery, the Tatras region is definitely worth a visit.