Bank Holiday Weekend in The Lakes

27th May 2013
A had a last minute weekend trip to the Lake District which I didn't necessarily appreciate coincided with the kids being off on holiday as well.

An interesting weekend and here are my top thoughts.

1. Don't get a hotel room with the fire door and fire escape route right through the middle of your room (thank you Queens Hotel, Keswick). This makes for very a interesting experience at 2am when the fire alarm goes off.

2. The morning sun lights up the trees at Buttermere at 7am this time of year - don't arrive at 4.45am.

3. Don't ever, ever drive up and down Hardknott pass. Worst 'road' ever. Bank holiday traffic makes it twice the fun*

*I believe this road was actually formed by the Devil himself farting a thin strip of tarmac from his rear end and declaring 'There Mortals! I have created a road which I condemn you to use - behold my Wrath and suffer my Hell on Earth!'

4. Don't expect to park anywhere in the Lakes on Bank Holiday weekend. Except maybe in the Lake.

5. Don't expect the God of Sunrises to appear just because you took the trouble to get up early. This Gods activities are spectacular but sadly, a rare thing. Like a Sheffield United home win.

Post Blog Update: The Fire Brigade inspected the Queens Hotel and advised them it was inappropriate to combine the fire escape with a bedroom (you don't say) and the room is no longer in use.