Blue Hour winter blues

10th February 2013
Since a very productive period in early January the winter weather has been very varies and hasn't played its part in landscape photography.

I've been struck that, apart from periods of heavy snow, the weather has been very mild.

I would have expected cold, white, frosty mornings with ice for some great landscape interest but my weekends have been somewhat damp and dull for a few weeks.

To change the subject to shoot the weather, I've been out to photograph after sunset, when the dullness and clouds of the day can actually help with the 'blue hour' compositions after dark.

This is the period of twilight just before dawn and after sunset where the light has a very special quality and looks very photogenic.

Timing is important as the is only a relativity small time period where the artificial lighting is balanced by the ambient natural light which brings out all the details in all areas. Leave it to late and the long exposure 'burns' out all the highlights and sky becomes to dark to retain any interesting cloud features and colouring.