Brecon Beacons Photo Trip

19th June 2015
I've had a very busy and tiring 6 weeks or so at work which has drained the old batteries but this was offset by a week in the Brecon Beacons.

Which was also tiring. But in a good way.

We were based in Llangorse in the north of the Brecon Beacons National Park and because it was summer we looked forward to blue skies, fluffy clouds and long hot summer days. As it was UK summer we got drizzle, grey skies and cold days for half the time.

This was perfect though for photographing the many splendid waterfalls of the Brecon Beacons which we knew were part of the 'must do' agenda for a photo trip to this area. The rain certainly added to the volume of water and on occasions there was to much of a good thing and the spray made life very tricky. Wiper blades needed in the new Canon lenses.

Late to bed and early to rise was the order of the day, even on dull days. Our insurance policy to arrive at the waterfalls before the rest of the madding crowds but to be honest, it was all very peaceful with very few fellow adventurers out and about.

The tricky part of the summer days tends to be mid-afternoon with the light conditions. Therefore, we spent a couple of enjoyable sessions at the Gigrin Farm Red Kite centre. I have mastered the art of photographing blurds in flight, now I just need to make them birds in flight.

Another good break with plenty of varied landscape, macro, waterfalls opportunities and some new ideas to keep me going.

Waterfall photos are in this gallery