Camera's Don't Bounce

16th October 2014
Alas I've found out the hard (expensive) way that forgetting to zip your camera bag up can be a poor way to test your camera's bounceability.

For those of you who are interested the answer is - they dont. I kind of gave that away with the blog title so I wouldn't make a very good thriller writer.

What I'd hoped was some damage to the casing has turned out to be some cracking to the sensor frame as well. And the lens has decided it didn't need to autofocus after all.

Just enough damage that the cost is still lower than an ebay replacement, just expensive enough to hurt. A lesson learnt.

The insurance will cover it provided they accept the quote. Unfortunately I have to plow on with getting it fixed anyhow.

My advice would be to check your insurance - now my 5D mark 2 is superseded, I hadn't realised just how much more expensive the new model is, if a replacement is needed.

Maybe I should start painting landscapes - the cost of replacement kit must be a lot less. If only I didn't have a complete lack of brushes and paint. Or artistic ability.