Damp and Wet - Slovenia Forecast (update)

17th January 2014
I've decided that I better check just how cold it's going to be in Slovenia. Up until now. I'd been working on the basis that it was obviously going to be cold, in the same way as Australia is hot.

So, imagine my surprise (as they say) to find out that at the moment its about 7 degress, wet, and has a grand total of 0cm of snow.

I used to worry about ski forecasts in my younger days as one of the worlds leading snowboarders (leading - well, infront of my mate Martin down the slopes sometimes). I didnt think I'd be waiting on the snow again.

Well, there's still time but it looks like those frozen waterfalls will be hard to track down.

UPDATE: Checked again 22/1/14 for the forecast at the resort Kranjska Gora and the temperature has dipped from last week. Seems to be around 2 degrees and some wet snow is possible.