Gitzo Grumble - Updated (Again!)

16th July 2013
Up until recently I've been pleased with my Gitzo tripod but I have to say I'm somewhat disgruntled now.

I've had the legs about 18 months - but in the last three weeks, 2 of the metal castings where the carbon fibre leg section meets with the tripod head have cracked. I'm not exactly using the legs as a hammer or anything so this is a major annoyance given the price of the legs in the first place.

So at a cost of £130 I have replaced one leg section (not the whole leg - this is the most expensive section but there are 4 sections to a leg!). Given it's likely that the third leg will also break thats a total of £390 in repairs.

I'm really going to have to look at options for tripods and I'm not sure Gitzo will be at the top of my list anymore.

Buy a good tripod they say - it'll last longer than any camera upgrades. Not with Gitzo it appears.

Update: After pondering the options I've decided that there isnt really an alternative tripod I'm happy with. Really Right Stuff are recommended but even more expensive.
I plumped for an updated model, the 3542XLS. Interesting, Gltzo seemed to have beefed up the magnesium collars where the legs join the head, which was the part that broke (twice) on my old tripod.

I should get round to sending my old tripod back to Gitzo for them to look at.

Update 2: 19/9/13

Having had my new 3542XLS for 4 weeks, I finally had a requirement in Scotland to extend the last lower leg section, only to find the quick release twist lock was completely 'welded' tight. No amount of cursing and turning would see the thing budge at all. I can only summerise that the joint has been overtightended at the factory. Very frustrating. Back to the shop for me.

Update 23/9/13

Harrisons Cameras in Sheffield were very good in replacing the leg for me so thank you for that guys.

Update 30/9/10

Another trip out to the coast and shooting on a sandy beach which has been fine before with my old Gitzo tripod. Guess what, the leg almost refused to open afterwards for a second time. I think there is a design flaw that makes the leg joint really suseptable to sand grains getting stuck in the threads - maybe the tolerances are too fine. I would advise therefore opening the bottom leg and making sure that the joint is kept well clear of the sand - dont shove the joint down into the sand. Wash the sand off straight away.