I've got Wind

30th April 2015
Or rather, the wind has got me.

I'm sure most Peak District photographers have come to expect that the wind will whip up and over most of the gritstone edges that we tend to position ourselves next to.

Just recently though, British Springtime being what it is, I seem to have been out in some of the most biting and viscously windy conditions that I can remember for some time.

I've therefore decided to add an odd piece of kit to my camera bag - an hand held anemometer or wind gauge. A spur of the moment idea perhaps but it might be interesting to see how fast these tornados actually are. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

In the meantime May is here so I'll continue to wear woolly hats, gloves, hoodies and Gore-Tex to keep warm. Who knows, in the Summer I might be able to cut back and just wear one woolly hat. And a vest.