Levels of Fitness

24th February 2014
Its official - my body isnt as young as it used to be. The hair is more interested in blocking the plug hole than staying on my head, my thigh strains itself at the thought of running for a bus.

Still, I get the urge to venture out and manage to drag my weary to the top of hills in search of photographs. Why do they always insist on putting the good views at the top of hills?

With one such effort in mind, I set off early to head out to Macclesfield Forest having tried to pick the route to my destination that had the least out of vertical climbing. Parking near to Trentabank Reservoir, I ventured out through the forest (surprising uphill) and half an hour later crested the last rise at the top of Shutlingsloe (more steep than the forest and with half an hour plodding already behing me).

I had a feeling that the sunrise might make the trip worth it and it didnt let me down.

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All that was left was the downhill walk back to the car, past the hill runners going uphill. Runners! Uphill! Taxi for Steve if you ask me.