Location Guide - Stanage Edge Area

12th October 2013
There are many popular location for photography in the Peak District but, with my newly discovered Google Map function, I'd thought that it might be a useful if I shared a small guide to some of the easier to access Dark Peak locations which are the favourites of many photographers.

Generally, I think the locations of Stanage Edge, Higger Tor, Over Owler Tor are popular both because of their great views and typical Dark Peak gritstone edge features but also because they are easily accessible from some good parking locations. I've shown both on the map below.

Stanage Edge
Free parking is available in ample lay-bys and a relatively short stroll brings the intrepid photographer to the Edge. Stanage is the largest of the gritstone edges that overlooks Hathersage and is also popular with walkers and rock climbers. I've seen many rock face being tackled and this can make a pleasant photographic subject on warm summer evening. Stanage is also known for its population of abandoned millstones, which again, although a popular subject can make a great photographic composition.

Higger Tor

Higger Tor was probably the first location I photographed when my passion for pictures started to take hold. Again, like Stanage Edge its very easy to access and has good views of the Hathersage Valley. Hope Valley Cement Works can be seen in the distance and the distant layering of the Edale Peaks make nice photographic compositions. I tend to like Higger Tor for sunset shots. Due to its popularity you'll definitely come across more than one fellow photographer adding to your composition. Sunrise is also popular, with the sun rising over Burbage Rocks.

Carhead Rocks
Carhead Rocks never seem to be as busy as Stanage Edge and for Higger Tor, and for that reason I quite like visiting this location. I like the feeling of having the place to myself and being able to enjoy the peace and quiet. The boulder known as the Knuckle Rock makes for a nice sunset composition - well worth a trip.

Over Owler Tor and Millstone Edge
Finally for this section, Over Owler Tor and Millstone Edge. Parking is down at Surprise View car park but this time there is a charge for daytime parking. The parking meter doesn't take coins nowadays so don't forget your debit card. The early riser for those dawn photos enjoys free parking before 10am and, in the summer, you can take advantage of the parking charges finishing at 6pm as well. The walk up to Over Owler Tor is a reasonable uphill step so allow some time to reach there when you are planning your visit.
I prefer to visit Over Owler Tor at dawn and Millstone Edge at sunset.