Lock Up

18th August 2015
Lists - good lists and bad list.

Good lists might be a Xmas list (these days mine doesn't extend much further than socks) or a holiday list (a list of things to take on holiday not a list of holidays to go on, although I guess that counts).

Bad lists - these include my list of things that could go wrong on a photo trip.

For me, this list includes such greats as 'falling over and breaking a leg', 'getting lost at night with no torch batteries', 'being mugged for my camera gear' and the old favourite 'getting locked in a car park at night'.

Well now I can scratch the last one off the list - for the first time I was actually locked into a car park when out and about photographing the Humber Bridge. Imagine my surprise when I backtracked my way out of the car park only to find the road blocked by some lovely gates.

Things I have now discovered in the 10 minutes I had to consider the situation.

The lack of a warning sign saying such useful things as 'Attention gates will be locked at 9pm' does not necessary mean that a gate won't have appeared from nowhere on your return.

Locked mean locked - funnily enough padlocks work quite well.

There are no real options at 9.30pm when you're car is locked in - if I'd made it home I'd still have to return to fetch the car.

The back seat is not as big as it looks when faced with a nights sleep in the car.

Mobile phones and 3G/4G is great if you have a signal.

So faced with all this the only option I had was to follow my tracks and investigate the other corners of the car park I'd previously not given any thought to. Having discovered I'd probably gone the wrong way (no surprise to anyone who knows me) I discovered on open gate. Hallelujah - I was saved. Like the Millennium Falcon leaving a doomed Death Star I raced for the safety of the open road. 'Don't get cocky kid' I thought but the way was clear.

Moral of the story - not sure really. Don't get locked in car parks seems a safe bet.