Low Light Competition Winner! (update)

29th January 2014
Pleased to say that my night spent freezing my low lights off at Solomans Temples taking stars trails was deemed worthy of first place in www.ephotozine.com Low Light competition.


Thanks to all the judges who picked my shot from all the entries which was a great surprise.

So as they say - Watch the skies, everywhere, keep looking. Keep watching the skies (film quote bonus for 10 - send entries on a sealed down envelope)

This image is located in Photos of the Peak District


The legs arrived today so thanks to ephotzine and Vanguard for the prize. There Auctus Plus 323Ct legs and my first impression is that they are well put together and on the heavy side. Hopefully this adds to stability and is better than any flimsy lightweight models.
I'll try and have a field test and see what they're like in action.