New Arrival

25th October 2014
After crashing and burning with my Canon 5D II body and lenses, which are still in for repair, I've decided to tempt fate and buy a Canon 6D body as a back up.

This will now guarantee that all repairs are complete by 9am tomorrow if my luck is anything to go by.

Harrison Cameras in Sheffield had a decent looking second hand 6D in stock which has 18000 shutter activations, my 5D has 28000 by comparison. I was happy to find out that for some reason, Canon seem to have forgotten the First Law of Camera Manufacturing, which is to 'needlessly change parts of the camera between different models, thereby ensuring the loyal customer is forced to buy a whole new batch of accessories such as batteries and cables that fit the new camera'. I'm pleased that the only thing that seems different is the memory card so that's a definite bonus.

The reviews for the 6D seem very positive and I'm looking forward to giving it a test.

Things will have to be very near though, as my only working lens is a wide angle.

I've now discovered that Adobe Photoshop CS5 doesn't have the support for the 6D RAW files but there is a converter which makes them editable. Nothing is simple - maybe its time to upgrade to a newer Photoshop version.

I had a quick test of the 6D out in the field, and the results at higher ISO setting did look less noisy as the reviews had indicated. The Live View level feature was also very useful.

My 5D mark 2 is now repaired - an expensive few days.

Update 18th Nov: My 6D has now stopped talking to my computer - in for repair (not much luck recently)