New Macro Lens

04th January 2015
Just because I don't have enough to carry already, I've added a new macro lens to my kit list.

I decided to go for the Sigma 105mm f2.8, having heard some positive peer reviews on quality of the lens.

Having used it once now I can see both the benefits and the challenges that macro photography will bring, but I think its worth the effort and it seems to open up some new photographic subjects which haven't really been on my radar before.

My first thoughts are that its probably going to be quite a challenge composing shots as the subjects, certainly in the woods, are tucked away in hard to reach places. I can see straight away why a longer lens, say 180mm, would help with setting up shots by allowing the camera to be further away in clear space.

It also seems like a few new accessories might be of benefit, perhaps like a smaller tripod or a beanbag to help support the lens. The depth of field is so shallow that even a very small movement throws the shot out of focus. More practice will help me as well.

So for now, here's my first go and we'll see how things progress. These 2 were about the same size as a £1 coin.

My full kit list is here