North to Yorkshire

13th July 2015
I headed up to North Yorkshire for a one day round trip in the company of my mate, Antony. Optimistically, I'd planned 10 locations to visit. We managed three I think but at least they will be there for another time. Another visit that is, not another time - like medieval England or Jurassic Yorkshire. That type of technology isn't available yet, despite the over-elaborate promises of Doc Brown in Back to The Future. I often feel like I've time travelled to a world I no longer understand when I watch TV intended for the U25's or encounter youngsters generally.

The forecast was supposed to be dull for the morning and brighter later so the order of the day was waterfalls in the dull weather and maybe landscapes later when the sun came out. As it happened, it was a pleasant summer day and I was able to make a reccy of Castle Hill near Huddlesfield as it was on the way up to North Yorkshire.

I've splashed out on an IR filter as I thought the bright summer days with the trees in full bloom (with leaves on, you know what I mean) might make a good IR subject. This turned out to be a tad more complicated than I'd anticipated as my Canon 6D has produced a lovely set of bright red images with the IR filter attached. I'd anticipated that it would be easy(ish) to process the images but I think I need to read more and have some more practice. I'm not actually sure whether my 6D is to 'good' to actually take IR. Anyway, it was fun practising.

Having lost 30 minutes to the good folk repairing the roads in Bradford this didn't quite help the agenda. Temporary traffic lights. One side (my side) had 300 cars in the queue and the other side had 30 cars. We both had the same amount of green light time. Thanks 'badly planned traffic guys'.

Neverlessless, West Burton Falls made a good location and Aysgarth Falls was nearby so I finished up there for some tricky shots as the sun was out in force by this time. Water and sunlight make tricky bedfellows for long exposure shots.

So with more things left on the agenda another trip is on the cards and maybe this will involve autumnal leaves.