North Wales Moment Spur

01st July 2015
I must have been carrying over some good vibes from my Brecon Beacons trip as I was in a spontaneous mood last week. I decided on the spur of the moment (otherwise known as Wednesday) to take advantage of a 'not having much to do at work' type thing and headed off to North Wales for a short weekend break.

I found that Bangor University near Anglesey rented out student halls of residence rooms for a very good rate when they are empty over the summer holidays. I decided that 2 nights for £62 was a great bargain and I must say it was nice to be back at a Uni type environment. When I left University the internet hadn't been invented (music was better though) but things didn't seem to have changed too much. Still a bed, table and shelf as standard but it was nice to have an en-suite shower and toilet. All in all, pretty good.

Bangor turned out to be a good base for a North Wales trip with some big supermarkets and a town centre to look round (rather than the one-horse town B&B's I've stayed in). It was also well placed time wise to reach some of the areas more photogenic places.

I headed up hill and down dale for Friday afternoon and Saturday (early) morning before forgetting (yet again) that the rest of the world would also like to be out and about on a sunny, summer afternoon. So, with no parking spaces left in Snowdonia and with some new aches and stains calling for a rest I headed back to base for a well-earned glass (ok, bottle) of red wine and a DVD before heading back to Sheffield on Sunday morning.

I shall defiantly pencil in another trip and it looks promising to head there in the winter for some frost and ice - a 5am start and then a drive before sunrise seems achievable.

Penmon Lighthouse