Pembrokeshire Report

29th April 2014
I braved the Bank Holiday traffic and naively got caught up in many queues on the way from Yorkshire to Fishguard. I tend to forget that there are people in the outside world doing the same thing I'm doing. Taking landscapes at 6am is generally a solitary affair.

My hotel in Fishguard was the Cartref which I admit wasnt the most expensive. I work on the theory that I'm out most of the day anyway. First impressions of reception were that the place was a cross between a jumble sale from the 1950's and a hoarders paradise. I got slightly more worried when the landlady needed WD40 to make my room key work in the lock. I had visions of locking my camera gear in the room forever. I bought some WD40 myself. Just to be on the safe side.

On balance I kind of warmed to the place. Despite its fading glory, the room was clean and had all the cons (not exactly mod-cons although the shower was new and worked well) and to be honest they served the best tasting sausage I've had with breakfast.

The weather was the kind your mum would say was very nice, all warm with hazy, white blue skies. I wasnt really rewarded with great sunrises or sunsets but I made two early starts to catch the sunrises anyway.

I didnt realise that the coastal paths that I'd decided to have a look at, actually run round the tops of the beaches and coves. There were pretty big cliffs between me and the beaches and even I'm not brave (or daft enough) to try climbing down them. This limits my options until I learn to fly a helicopter.

The Green Bridge of Wales was a good example and I glad I made the effort to see the sunrise behind it. Most the the Pembrokeshire coast points west and isn't great for sunrise. Should have realised that before I went.

The drizzle started on Sunday which was reason to head home a day early to recover and to miss yet more Bank Holiday traffic.

A tiring few days and I think that maybe next time I need a trip to Wales again, I'll head further south.