Photos but no photos

30th August 2015
I've been busy taking photos. But not my photos as such.

I've spent the last week on site around the east of England taking work photos which has given me 770 photos which are useful for me, but alas, non that I can claim are beautiful sunsets or rolling vistas. More like rolling stock as they have been mainly railway based.

Hard work and long days. The good news is I've only got another 2 weeks to go.

The better news is that the 2 weeks is rudely interrupted by my forthcoming photo workshop in Brittany (en France) which will be a welcome break.

Hopefully more photographs of a interesting nature will result so watch this space.

So here's a footpath from last week - I especially enjoyed being out in the monsoon rain which makes August such a wonderful time for a UK holiday. No wonder people go abroad. I assume you have to be a trained climber to get over the 8ft high, hedge covered wall that the finger-post points you over. Welcome to my world.