Return from the Sutherland Coast

18th September 2013
Well I'm back from a workshop in the far north, Sutherland in fact on the North West Scottish coastline.

The company was Aspect2i and the leader for the week was Paul Gallagher who was a great guide and photographer. Always free with his tips and advice it was a very agreeable break away from work.

We were based in Kinlochbervie, a thriving metropolis of more than about 120,000 homes. Oh no, hang on - sorry, about 12 homes (got the decimal point wrong). The peace and quiet was very refreshing and it was a good base from which to explore the area.

Sticking mainly to the coastline, locations included Oldshoremore, Durness, Droman Bay, Scourie and Pollin Bay. I can honestly say that these were some of the most pristine beaches and clear seas I have come across and I'm sure there are many more similar spots along this wonderful coastline.

The weather was as varied as you might imagine with our fair share of rain, drizzle interspersed with the occasional clear spell. My preferences for photographic conditions still remains with the appearances made by Sun but dull conditions did make good conditions for coastal long exposures. There are no bright spots in the breaking white peaks of the waves to burn out which is definitely a benefit.

I'm still not by inclination a black and white photographer but I can see the potential and its something that I can work on.

As usual, there were casualties. We mark the passing of:
Hoya Pro 1 Circular Polariser (2011-2013) - sadly missed
77mm lens cap (2012-2013) - died from injuries received trying to protect Hoya Pro 1

We pay homage to the following who still feel the effects of their time in action:
Canon 24-105mm lens - recovering from wounds
Gitzo 3542 tripod - bravely soldiering on despite suffering damage to leg joints

My wish list (as always) has grown and having experimented with a 24mm Tilt/Shift lens I can see the benefit of this for landscape photography.

I will post shots as and when so keep checking back in the latest work. So cheers and I'll have another pint of Heavy.