Rhubarb Strumble

27th March 2014
A play on words there but I do like Rhubarb Crumble.

I'm planning to head off to the Pembrokeshire area of Wales to see what the Uk's only Coastal National Park has to offer. A bit of research will be needed but, by the looks of things, Strumble Head Lighthouse could make a nice subject (see what I did there with the title).

Then a quick trip to Rhubarb Lighthouse and the trip is complete. I'm kidding of course. Rhubarb use in lighthouses was banned in 1812 due the requirement of the Napolionic Wars when it was a vital ingredience of gunpowder.

There you have it, a completely rhubard story.

So, between now and then, I need to track down some nice areas to visit and keep my fingers crossed for nice Welsh weather.

Can't beat being at the coast.