Scotland Bound

09th February 2016
I'm off to Scotland soon for a photo trip around the Isle of Skye. I've no idea what to expect at the moment - I'm just wondering what the name of the storm will be. There's bound to be one that will ruin the trip. Will we be up to storm Kevin by then? Can't wait for the T's. I hope they call it Storm Trooper.

No idea if I'll see any snow. I've seen ice twice this year and one of those times was when I left the freezer door open. Hate defrosting the fridge.

I am looking forward though to a side benefit of the trip. Hot water. The old boiler has broken down (insert 1970s joke here) and I'm fed up of wallowing in half an inch of tepid water. Good job my hair isn't as thick and lustrous as in was back in my heyday as the 6th member of Bon Jovi so at least its manageable.

Back to the trip. Looking forward to getting out and about. I've had some great trips up around Skye and Glencoe and we'll get some great shots I'm sure, no matter what the weather.

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