Sheffield After Dark Photography

17th December 2016
As we get closer to the shortest day I find that one of the drawbacks of winter is that the sun sets way before I can leave work which only leaves the weekend for photographic trips out.
A very mild winter so far with lots of cloudy evenings has meant that Peak District trips have been very unproductive so I've been revisiting the delights of Sheffield which I must admit I've been neglecting for a while. Familiarity breeding contempt I guess is the phrase.
I was motivated to revisit this by some positive comments about good old Sheffield city centre from my family on a recent trip out to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary.
I prefer night photography around 30 minutes after sunset - the so called Blue Hour. I like shooting into lights as well and find that starbursts are a favourite subject of mine - created in camera by my 16-35mm L lens which produces some very crisp stars at f16. The challenge is always the limited time available to capture shots when all the lights in the scene are nicely balanced and before it gets to dark.

Sheffield Tudor Square

Sheffield Lyceum Theater

Sheffield St Paul's Square

Sheffield Train Station

Sheffield Train Station

Sheffield Peace Gardens

Sheffield Cutting Edge off Sheaf Street