Slovenia Winter Visit

01st January 2014
Well, now its January and another year of working 9-5 looms, I can start to make a few plans for my forthcoming return trip to Slovenia.

Last October the temperature varied from 20C in the valley bottoms to 0C (with wind chill making it colder) at the top of the Mangrt Pass when the sun disappeared.

In January, the temperature average varies from 5C to -5C, which gives an average of a nice round 0C.

I'll need to invest in some new thermal vests and some fleece lined trousers - the last pair of fleece trousers I bought was a few years ago so I hope they still fit (the onset of middle age spread may have done for them). If I can talk myself into it, then it might be time at last to buy a proper winter jacket to keep the heat in and be properly breathable. And new gloves.

I have a pair of walking crampons for my boots which I suspect I'll need.

Photo wise - snow and ice should be prevalent which will be good. Frozen water and waterfalls ought to make great subjects. I'm wondering whether it will be hard to keep any condensation of the lens when the temperature dips.

The only real problem I can see will be getting to and from Stansted given the UK's appalling lack of ability to deal with any snow that arrives before I depart.