Stock Photos

27th June 2014
Actually photos of Stock Cars and Banger Racing was what I was going to write about - I've given up on stock photos. My road to fortune doth not lie through stock photos.

In mid June I headed down to the Buxton Raceway circuit at the edge of the Peak District National Park - Having spotted it the week before I thought it might make a good location for photographs and an interesting way to spend the afternoon, it didn't let me down.

We were treated to some good racing on the tarmac oval on what turned out to be one of the hottest afternoons in June.

I was impressed by the organisation and the rapid turn over of races in the all classes, which ranged from the Junior 10-16 year olds in their 1.3 lts cars, up to the big bangers with their 3 lts race engines. We had about 17 races in the afternoon, pretty good going.

The racing was tight, nose to bumper stuff but very fair. It put a lie to my preconception that it was just an excuse to smash cars up. Much more interesting than Formula 1 from a spectator point of view.

It took my camera along and snapped away until I needed to rest my arms. As a result I missed the best full roll over crash which I'm pleased to say, resulted in no driver injuries. Just goes to show, you need that camera out at all times.

Enjoyed the day racing and I'll definately head back there at some point.