Surfaced from the Lakes

11th November 2013
I'm back from long weekend in the Lakes which turned out to be a good break from the routine.

Weather wise it was a very mixed bag as the kids say (I assumed someone still says this, I'm not really down with the homeboys anymore) - Saturday was rain, sleat and some sun, Sunday was glorious sunshine and blue skies whilst Monday was typical Lake District drizzle and rain.

I was based near Troutbeck, and ventured out Rydel Water, Loughrigg Tarn, Ullswater, Elter Water and Tarn Hows. Good stuff.

As usual, the trip through up a few new things:

1. Parking in the Lakes will eat up your loose change - note to self is to join the National Trust (another note to self, 'Trust' not 'Front')

2. My Paramo summer trouser are great with their lightweight material and large pockets. However, as they only touch me at the waist and the ankles they are really not good, as I found out, when the temperature dropped close to zero. I might was well just stood there in my underpants for all the warmth they provided. Note to self - wear nice underpants.

3. I forgot that buying a new lens (my 16-35mm) means that I have to buy all new ND filters again. Note to self - consider a cheaper hobby.

4. Long exposure night trials aren't great in freezing, damp conditions. My lens kept fogging up and my tripod developed a lovely coat of frost. Must try again warmer conditions. Refer to item 2 for trouser report.

Perfect reflections at Loughrigg Tarn