Taking The Tablets

25th July 2015
I decided this week that I was in need of a tablet device. I've been using my phone, a long in the tooth Galaxy S3, more and more for browsing the tinterweb from the comfort of my sofa, so why not do it from a larger screen.

On that basis I decided to get a Samsung tablet, a Tab S 10.5, for a couple of reasons. 1) the excellent reviews about the quality of the screen and (2) it ought to be easy to switch from Samsung phone to tablet.

On point (1) I'm very pleased with the screen but on point (2) I'm less impressed.

Lots a niggling little differences between the phone and tablet. Maybe it's progress but the phone has never given me problems and so far after 3 days of tablet experimentations I'm 50/50 about this. I can see the benefits (literally as the screen is bigger) but I'm finding the setup and Internet browser type stuff is less than intuitive.

I shall continue and see what happens.

1 week update - like mould its growing on me slowly.

Update 7th August - still waiting for my cashback offer to materialise. 'Offer will be available from 6th August' says the Samsung website. It isn't.

Having um and ah'd for ages about whether it was worth spending £300, £350, £500 on a tablet and carefully considering the cost/benefit ratio before committing my hard earned cash, I had to take my car to the garage today. That'll be £350 please - your water pump is broken. Just like that. Why do the things we have to buy always outweigh the things we'd like to buy.