The Joy of Change

24th March 2015
I've been out and about recently and haven't been able to add any new photos.

I enjoyed a snowboard trip a few weeks ago to the French Alps over a long week after a 17 year layoff - still got it (never really had it, just didn't forget whatever it was). It was long weekend in Serre Chevalier - I located my lift pass from 1994 which showed both my glasses and my hairstyle was bigger in those days. Hair, here today, gone tomorrow - repeated over 6 years doesn't leave a lot these days. Lift passes are now swipe cards, as I found out, which isn't as good as a souvenir. We drew some admiring glances from the young trendy types with our rad outfits. John's snowboard jumper came out of retirement from its current role as a gardening outfit and my jacket was retrieved from the attic. It was still massively over-sized and I must have gained 2 stone in the last 15 years. We looked the bees knees. No injuries to report but one definite retirement. Here's to the Ski 2033 reunion.

In the meantime I've been upgrading my PC which hasn't helped with the photo activity.

My old machine was getting far to slow and I've promised myself that I would upgrade my Photoshop from CS5. So after some (lots) of pontificating I have finally downloaded the trial of Photoshop CC 2014 which I'm using at the moment - 28 days to go. Not sure if I'm keen on the £8.57/month model Adobe have been using but we'll see.

Bit of one step forward/one step sideways at the moment with CC2014. I'd forgotten that I'd set up personal preferences, actions etc - all of which have vanished. I need to search around in the lower reaches of the help files, amongst the dust and fluff, to find out how to get them to work again. My first impressions are that nothing has changed - I need to search through Adobe literature for 'what's new' (other than 'Great news! - the interface is a black background with white letters!).

Seems like I'll also get Lightroom if I sign on. Again, slightly sceptical I need this but we'll see.

On a more positive front, now that my PC is running smoother and quicker I have been looking forward to getting Nik Software purchased and installed. I've heard good things about their black and white package which could be useful. I might also be tempted to dip into some HDR which I haven’t done for years and I've heard there are some useful Colour and B&W effects as well.

Hopefully the status quo will return soon and now Spring is here, there should be some more photo opportunities on the way.

France 2015
Left to right: John, Dave, Shaun and me.

Left to right: John, Dave and me