The Weather Outside

10th December 2014
So, as we head towards mid-December, I recall childhood winter antics such as 'who can sledge down the hill and end up closest to the brook without falling in'.

I expect this had probably been proceeded by the yearly 'Dad, can we have a sledge, can we, pleasssse' appeal which me and my sister made every winter. I gave up when I turned 25. Kids today don't know they're born. I expect they all have isleds or whatever modern 'tech' is cool these days.

So going on, I remember those winter days when football was cancelled at school due to the hard frosts - on those days we were forced to play rugby on what amounted to a field of frozen icy razer blades.

I remember having to use extra choke to start the car on those cold winter mornings (does anybody under 40 actually know what this is).

I remember a mere 2 years ago when I would venture out on a crisp winters morn, crunching my way through frost, ice and maybe snow to capture photos of my favourite Peak District scenes in their splendid palette of winter colours.

Given that I don't really like the cold or the snow I'm surprised by just how much I like to capture the different seasons, including winter. Along with autumn, winter should be a magical time to be out with camera.

So, when will the weather actually start being wintry. Not this 'cold, wet, foggy, dark and dull' wintry but proper 'chestnuts roasting on a open fire' wintry.

Answers on a post card please.