Trip to Brighton. Not that one.

19th May 2013
A had some time after work and the local weather forecast wasn't great so I headed off to New Brighton on the Wirral, Merseyside to have a look again at Perch Rock lighthouse. The tide tables said it would be low tide which reveals some rock and sand formations which can be used as foreground interest.

When I arrived there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the haze meant the sky wasn't even a deep blue colour. Thanks to my lack of interest in all things TV related these days (I'm a Celebrity Cooking on Ice - no thanks) I decided to hang around to see if anything developed.

Glad I did because the setting sun lit up the sky and I had a mad dash along the beach as the colours changed from blues, to oranges, to reds/lilac and finally deep blue after dark.

Located in Photographs of the Coast