Why the Woolly Hat

18th July 2014
Ok - I admit it. I'm generally old fashioned and grumpy. The only reason that I buy new jeans is because my middle age spread means that my old jeans dont fit anymore (although I tell myself they shrink in the wash).

But, why of why, do I keep seeing young people (anybody under 35 in my book) wearing woolly hats in July. Mid July, mid summer. Its 24C outside for goodness sake. I just dont get it. What happens in winter to these youngsters? Do they wear more woolly hats or will it be fashionble by December to wear pirate hats. I do hope so as that would cheer up up on a winters day day.

Don't start me on summer fashion. Flip Flops. For men. Who was the first British lad to decide 'you know what, these items of beach wear are perfect for a walk down the high street'. Why stop there. Swimming costumes are beach wear and surely those skimpy speedos would keep you cool on the bus.

At least I'm not seeing underpant hanging out of the back of trousers as much these days. How on earth was it comfortable to have the crotch of your trousers round your knees. I've no idea.

Kids eh.

And another thing ....