Winter Arrived

31st December 2014
After lamenting the lack of snow so far in winter 2014, we had some on Boxing Day.

As fate would have it, I was away for the holidays in sunnier climes down in Exeter.

Sheffield, as usual, ground to a halt when the first 1.1mm on snow landed and settled. If ever there is a Zombie Apocalypse which coincides with the first snowfall of the year, then the good people of Sheffield are doomed. No-one is leaving town.

Note to head zombie (presumably biding time on the Tory back benches) - postpone the summer invasion plans.

Anyway, I survived both the snowfall and any zombie related incidents (although I haven't seen my neighbour recently) and made it back from Exeter in time for a trip out to the Peak District.

For once the sunrise coincided with some nice light at sunset and I chose to head out to photograph the Salt Cellar rock formation, which sits above Derwent Reservoir in the Derbyshire Peak District. The white, cold snow scene was a joy to photograph against the warm tones of the orange sunset and blue, cloudy skies.

Despite my whole body feeling like it had been rolled down a hill in a tumble drier by the time I returned, it was a wintry trip worth making.

If there are any zombies out there and if any of them have spare body parts, then I wouldn't mind using them. My legs don't seem to be quite as good as they once were.

Photo of the winter Salt Cellar is in this gallery