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Landscape Posters for Sale
05th January 2013
I've added a new section Landscape Posters in the menu bar above to provide A2 landscape posters for sale.

I hope you'll like these and that they will prove a welcome addition to wall space in your home.
New Years Day 2013
05th January 2013
New Years Day 1st January 2013 and I made an early start to Boggle Hole, near Robins Hoods Bay on the Yorkshire coast. After a disappointing amount of dull weather over the Christmas break there was an opportunity to catch the sun rising over the coast.

I made a 5am start and after a trip on the almost empty motorway I was rewarded with an deserted beach and some very pleasant sunshine.

Latest Work

Back from Northumberland
17th December 2012
Now that I've been back from Northumberland for a few days I've been able to post some shots in Latest Work

An interesting and challenging workshop which took in some varied locations such as Hadrians Wall, Gateshead, Bamburgh Castle, Dunstanburgh Castle, Berwick and even a trip across the border to photograph Waxwings (which unobliging didn't put in an appearance).

It certainly showed me where I have some gaps in my equipment and pushed some parts to destruction - one boot, one wader, one remote release and, at one time, one camera body all fell victim to the punishing conditions. I'm glad to say that my camera recovered once the rain water had dried.

I picked up a lot and think I'll go back there in the future.

A wonderful part of the country and well worth a visit.
Back from the Tatras
04th November 2012
My trip to the Tatras Mountains in Slovakia with Adam Burton was greeted with an unseasonable cold snap and snow falls causing delays on the roads. I thought that just happened in Sheffield. The wintery conditions were a month early and the first snow fall in October for about 25 years. It was certainly chilly.

The holiday started off on the wrong foot as we'd been given the wrong booking reference by Tatra Photography. I did wonder whether I'd get on the flight. All was well after some discussion with the check-in clerk.

After landing a Cracow in Poland the Slovakian border was easy to spot as the Slovaks didn't grit the roads as they were in the National Park.

Day 1 was an early 0500 hrs start at minus 8 degrees for a trip to Strbske Pleso Lake. The fog prevented any sunlight but gave some superbly atmospheric conditions for the pines covered in snow and ice. We then changed locations, via a woodland walk, to another lake at Popradske Pleso. A brief burst of afternoon sunlight soon gave way to biting wind and colder temperatures. I did enjoy the snowy conditions but 3 pairs of socks would have gone down well instead of just two.

Day 2 started again at Popradske Pleso in similar conditions. Nature gave us an almost perfect monochromatic landscape - very interesting indeed. Finally, the sun came out back at Strbske Pleso Lake which added for some warmth to the snow and the mountains and some different conditions yet again.

After a hectic and tiring break I would recommend a workshop with Adam Burton and for mountain scenery, the Tatras region is definitely worth a visit.
Tatras Mountains
25th October 2012
I'm heading out soon to visit the Tatras Mountains in Slovakia.

According to Wikipedia 'The Tatra Mountains, Tatras or Tatra (Tatry either in Polish and in Slovak - plurale tantum, Tátra in Hungarian), are a mountain range which forms a natural border between Slovakia and Poland, and are the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains'.

Sounds interesting and hopefully I can bring back a few photos or, at the least, a report of how the trip went.
New Wheels
14th October 2012
Having grown tired and weary of the many pot holes and hills in Sheffield, I've finally traded in my old car and upgraded to a 2008 Toyota Rav4.

I'm hoping that I'll actually be able to venture out once the winter weather comes upon us, rather than just parking the car for weeks on end waiting for the snow to melt.

That's the theory, we'll see how it goes. So far, so good.

Update: all is well with the car and I'm very pleased with it. Very good for those trips down pot holed country lanes, a good level of power to climb the hills with a comfortable driving position and cruise control really takes the strain out of longer trips. I'm not great at reversing though and have parallel parked a grand total of twice in 6 months.

Lake District Trip Photos
09th October 2012
I had a weekend away in the Lake District with family, mainly to go walking and get away from from work. The early starts were very rewarding as I love the peace and tranquility found before the world rises.
Latest Image receives awards
23rd September 2012
My latest photo "Tide" from my trip to Spurn Head received both the Editors Highly Commended Award and the Guest Editors award on the online photo site, Ephotozine.

Link to Peak District Information
14th September 2012
Peak District Information, the oldest established web guide for all things Peak District, have been good enough to add my site to their Photography Links section.

Please feel free to visit my Links section for their details and have a look through Peak District Information.
Misty Mornings
09th September 2012
The hot start to September coupled with the cooler evenings has created some great conditions for ground mist in the Peak District.

These are very photogenic conditions but also challenging to capture as the mist can easily be the brightest part of the scene and prone to overexposing the highlights.

I always blend different exposures, if needed, to ensure that the full dynamic range of the scene is captured.