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Millennium Bridge Commended
25th May 2014
I enter a few photos into the competitions on and I'm pleased that my Millennium Bridge photo was Commended and in the top 25 of the Expert Choices from the 613 entries. This is on the River Clyde in Gateshead, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

If you look, I'm in there near the end.

The Expert Review was kind enough to say that out of all the Millennium Bridge entries this shot "stood out for me for a number of reasons. (I) liked the nice contrast of colour temperatures between the warmer bridge lights and the sky with its reflection in the water."

If only I hadn't left the pesky building on the left hand side, it "may have made it into the Top 10". So near, yet so far.

Saved in Photos of Architecture
The Week that Was.
22nd May 2014
I've popped out for a few photo trips since my visit to Pembrokeshire but I've been having a funny week.

I booked a hair appointment at a Rastafarian barbers by mistake. I'm dreading it.

For some reason the man in the butchers bet me that I couldn't reach the meat on the top shelf. I didn’t take the bet. The steaks were too high.

People have been saying I'm paranoid. Well they don’t say it, but I know that's what they're thinking.

My friends 7 year old is off to Scotland. He asked me if he would see any men wearing quilts.

Goodbye and Goodnight. I'm here all week.
Pembrokeshire Report
29th April 2014
I braved the Bank Holiday traffic and naively got caught up in many queues on the way from Yorkshire to Fishguard. I tend to forget that there are people in the outside world doing the same thing I'm doing. Taking landscapes at 6am is generally a solitary affair.

My hotel in Fishguard was the Cartref which I admit wasnt the most expensive. I work on the theory that I'm out most of the day anyway. First impressions of reception were that the place was a cross between a jumble sale from the 1950's and a hoarders paradise. I got slightly more worried when the landlady needed WD40 to make my room key work in the lock. I had visions of locking my camera gear in the room forever. I bought some WD40 myself. Just to be on the safe side.

On balance I kind of warmed to the place. Despite its fading glory, the room was clean and had all the cons (not exactly mod-cons although the shower was new and worked well) and to be honest they served the best tasting sausage I've had with breakfast.

The weather was the kind your mum would say was very nice, all warm with hazy, white blue skies. I wasnt really rewarded with great sunrises or sunsets but I made two early starts to catch the sunrises anyway.

I didnt realise that the coastal paths that I'd decided to have a look at, actually run round the tops of the beaches and coves. There were pretty big cliffs between me and the beaches and even I'm not brave (or daft enough) to try climbing down them. This limits my options until I learn to fly a helicopter.

The Green Bridge of Wales was a good example and I glad I made the effort to see the sunrise behind it. Most the the Pembrokeshire coast points west and isn't great for sunrise. Should have realised that before I went.

The drizzle started on Sunday which was reason to head home a day early to recover and to miss yet more Bank Holiday traffic.

A tiring few days and I think that maybe next time I need a trip to Wales again, I'll head further south.

Sheffield by Night
12th April 2014
As an alternative to landscapes so far in April, I've popped out into Sheffield City Centre in the evening to photograph some of the cities better features - the Peace Gardens and the Station Entrance.

Both are great for lighting and for water features which are a super combination for a photographer.

I've found that the best shots at this time of night are about 20-30 minutes after the sun has set. This is known as the Blue Hour and is great for bringing out colours, even on what may have been a dull day. Its a mistake to think that night shots should be when its fully dark - this just loses the details and colours in the sky which make a photo a winning shot at this time of day (or night as it were)

At the moment have a look in Latest Work
Rhubarb Strumble
27th March 2014
A play on words there but I do like Rhubarb Crumble.

I'm planning to head off to the Pembrokeshire area of Wales to see what the Uk's only Coastal National Park has to offer. A bit of research will be needed but, by the looks of things, Strumble Head Lighthouse could make a nice subject (see what I did there with the title).

Then a quick trip to Rhubarb Lighthouse and the trip is complete. I'm kidding of course. Rhubarb use in lighthouses was banned in 1812 due the requirement of the Napolionic Wars when it was a vital ingredience of gunpowder.

There you have it, a completely rhubard story.

So, between now and then, I need to track down some nice areas to visit and keep my fingers crossed for nice Welsh weather.

Can't beat being at the coast.
Competition Win at Work
14th March 2014
I work at Mott MacDonald which has offices around the country as well as oversees and we run a global photography group.

Happy to report that out of the 250 entries for this months 'sunset/sunrise' my shot below claimed first prize.

I'm now setting off for an all expenses paid, month long lecture tour of all Motts offices in the world (with first class travel) to talk about photographic techniques to an avid audience of fellow employees.

I wish. My photo gets put up in head office for a while (which is nice). Hope they remember to add my website details.

Levels of Fitness
24th February 2014
Its official - my body isnt as young as it used to be. The hair is more interested in blocking the plug hole than staying on my head, my thigh strains itself at the thought of running for a bus.

Still, I get the urge to venture out and manage to drag my weary to the top of hills in search of photographs. Why do they always insist on putting the good views at the top of hills?

With one such effort in mind, I set off early to head out to Macclesfield Forest having tried to pick the route to my destination that had the least out of vertical climbing. Parking near to Trentabank Reservoir, I ventured out through the forest (surprising uphill) and half an hour later crested the last rise at the top of Shutlingsloe (more steep than the forest and with half an hour plodding already behing me).

I had a feeling that the sunrise might make the trip worth it and it didnt let me down.

At the moment have a look in Latest Work

All that was left was the downhill walk back to the car, past the hill runners going uphill. Runners! Uphill! Taxi for Steve if you ask me.

Bulgaria in Autumn
09th February 2014
With some unusual longer term planning from me I'm off to Bulgaria later in the year. It look likes a great country for landscapes as I'm looking forward to that. Autumn colours and scenery make for some great photographs.

Unfortunately I don't know much else about Bulgaria except he was in charge of litter picking in Wimbledon Common.

You can follow my itinerary with the map below - starting at Sofia, heading south and then east.

I expect plenty of time to rest, lots of sleep and spare time. No, not really.

View Bulgaria in a larger map
Return from Slovenia
30th January 2014
I'm back from a very hectic Slovenia workshop - at times I sped round faster than a snowy owl.

Despite my pre-trip worries the weather gave us a break and the first winter snow fell the day before we arrived. The temperature was never greater than 2 deg C and mainly in the region of -2 deg C. Generally I didn't feel the cold and pretty much everything I took with me proved effective at keeping the cold at bay. Except for my feet. Poor old feet. I eventually found a combination of socks and a heatpad that seemed to do the trick.

The scenery was fantastic with the covering of snow and hoare frost and the forests looks particularly amazing. The locations were varied, some new and some old and all worth a visit. An afternoon was spent on a 3 hour hike up a snow covered ski trail on a mountain in Austria until we reached the summit at around 7500ft. It was like walking up the Empire State building whilst being punched around the legs and kidneys by tenacious flyweight boxers. In the end, my body felt like the boxers had won.

So with early starts and late finishes the trip was a hectic one. One night was spent taking a star trail photo when the temperature was about -11C at midnight. And this was before I discovered the optimum sock combination. Poor feet.

During the trip I became the creative force behind 'Priceys Hot Pants' which I'm sure you will be seeing in all good retailers in time for next winter. Unless they exist already. Or unless nobody wants them. Or both.

At the moment images will be located in Latest Work and in time they'll be in Photos of Slovenia

Low Light Competition Winner! (update)
29th January 2014
Pleased to say that my night spent freezing my low lights off at Solomans Temples taking stars trails was deemed worthy of first place in Low Light competition.

Thanks to all the judges who picked my shot from all the entries which was a great surprise.

So as they say - Watch the skies, everywhere, keep looking. Keep watching the skies (film quote bonus for 10 - send entries on a sealed down envelope)

This image is located in Photos of the Peak District


The legs arrived today so thanks to ephotzine and Vanguard for the prize. There Auctus Plus 323Ct legs and my first impression is that they are well put together and on the heavy side. Hopefully this adds to stability and is better than any flimsy lightweight models.
I'll try and have a field test and see what they're like in action.
Damp and Wet - Slovenia Forecast (update)
17th January 2014
I've decided that I better check just how cold it's going to be in Slovenia. Up until now. I'd been working on the basis that it was obviously going to be cold, in the same way as Australia is hot.

So, imagine my surprise (as they say) to find out that at the moment its about 7 degress, wet, and has a grand total of 0cm of snow.

I used to worry about ski forecasts in my younger days as one of the worlds leading snowboarders (leading - well, infront of my mate Martin down the slopes sometimes). I didnt think I'd be waiting on the snow again.

Well, there's still time but it looks like those frozen waterfalls will be hard to track down.

UPDATE: Checked again 22/1/14 for the forecast at the resort Kranjska Gora and the temperature has dipped from last week. Seems to be around 2 degrees and some wet snow is possible.
New Page Title
08th January 2014
I felt a new title at the top of the page was in order so I've had a bit of a go.

After much debate and a can of beer, I plumped for a snappy 'Stephen Price Photography' approach. It seemed appropriate.

Hope it looks OK.

So until the next revamp, and probably after more beer, I'll run with it.
Slovenia Winter Visit
01st January 2014
Well, now its January and another year of working 9-5 looms, I can start to make a few plans for my forthcoming return trip to Slovenia.

Last October the temperature varied from 20C in the valley bottoms to 0C (with wind chill making it colder) at the top of the Mangrt Pass when the sun disappeared.

In January, the temperature average varies from 5C to -5C, which gives an average of a nice round 0C.

I'll need to invest in some new thermal vests and some fleece lined trousers - the last pair of fleece trousers I bought was a few years ago so I hope they still fit (the onset of middle age spread may have done for them). If I can talk myself into it, then it might be time at last to buy a proper winter jacket to keep the heat in and be properly breathable. And new gloves.

I have a pair of walking crampons for my boots which I suspect I'll need.

Photo wise - snow and ice should be prevalent which will be good. Frozen water and waterfalls ought to make great subjects. I'm wondering whether it will be hard to keep any condensation of the lens when the temperature dips.

The only real problem I can see will be getting to and from Stansted given the UK's appalling lack of ability to deal with any snow that arrives before I depart.
Can't beat at bit of Coast
16th December 2013
I'm looking forward to the Xmas holiday - really just for the break from work.

Now that the longest day approaches I find that it’s a good time to head out to the coast as there is actually enough time to drive there and arrive in good time for sunrise.

I do enjoy the peace of a deserted beach which can be very rewarding. I made a recce out this weekend and was pleased to find that Mother Nature didn’t disappoint. The only snag is I'll have to venture further afield to find some new locations.

Plus, the beach is one of the few places where waders are sociably acceptable.

Saved in Latest Work for the time being.

Slovenia in Winter
09th December 2013
I enjoyed Slovenia in the autumn so much that I've taken the opportunity when it just arose, to go back there after the New Year. has positive things to say about the winter sports scene and we're actually staying in a ski resort. It was pretty tourist free back in October and it will be very interesting to see how busy it gets.

I'm looking forward to seeing how all the locations we went to before look with a winter coating of ice and snow - I'm sure it'll be cold and sunny. Probably very cold.

There will be some Lake Bled photographs no doubt but it will take some doing to get high up in the mountains. Sheffield can't even manage to keep the roads open with the first flurry of snow - the city grinds to a halt. Hopefully, the Slovenians will be much better at managing such things.
Reaching for the Stars
28th November 2013
Ah - the stars, the universe, the big picture. Is there life 'out there'? Do they have their own version of I'm a Celebrity? (I'm a Vogon?) God, I hope not.

In the spirit of cosmic research, I decided to try photographing star trails when the next suitably clear night presented an opportunity.

So a cold and clear night saw me sat atop the hills over Buxton last weekend, composing a shot of Solomans Temple whilst it was still light enough to see what I was doing. Having had a couple of failed attempts before in different locations, I decided to include the North Star, Polaris for maximum effect. For this I used Google Sky Map on my smart phone to try and work out where the North Star would be.

Once I was set up, it was just a case of waiting for it to get dark. I was surprised at the number of folks who still visited the tower even when it was fairly dark. Dog Walking. Just dog walking I told myself. I've heard other people meet up to walk their dogs in lonely car parks. I'm sure it wasn't that.

So after much waiting and lowering of temperatures I decided it was dark enough and set my camera off taking 30 second exposures continually for an hour. Basically, it was a lot of pics for one shot. Finally, a torch lit shot of the tower clinched the nights work and it was back home for tea and medals.

On the lessons learnt front I discovered that all those frozen puddles I'd been wandering through in the dark actually turned out to be freezing cow pats. Who knew they crunched the same way as icy puddles? I do now.

Practically, some sort of chair would have assisted with all the waiting around. Top tip there.

Finally putting all the frames togther took a while but I liked the results which are saved in Photos of the Peak District. I hope you like it too.

Photo of the Week
19th November 2013
Ephotozine,, which I post to every now and again, have made by photo of the sun rising over the lake Bled their Photo of the Week for w/c 18 November 2013.

Nice surprise!

I will move all my Slovenia pictures to Photos of Slovenia in due course.

Surfaced from the Lakes
11th November 2013
I'm back from long weekend in the Lakes which turned out to be a good break from the routine.

Weather wise it was a very mixed bag as the kids say (I assumed someone still says this, I'm not really down with the homeboys anymore) - Saturday was rain, sleat and some sun, Sunday was glorious sunshine and blue skies whilst Monday was typical Lake District drizzle and rain.

I was based near Troutbeck, and ventured out Rydel Water, Loughrigg Tarn, Ullswater, Elter Water and Tarn Hows. Good stuff.

As usual, the trip through up a few new things:

1. Parking in the Lakes will eat up your loose change - note to self is to join the National Trust (another note to self, 'Trust' not 'Front')

2. My Paramo summer trouser are great with their lightweight material and large pockets. However, as they only touch me at the waist and the ankles they are really not good, as I found out, when the temperature dropped close to zero. I might was well just stood there in my underpants for all the warmth they provided. Note to self - wear nice underpants.

3. I forgot that buying a new lens (my 16-35mm) means that I have to buy all new ND filters again. Note to self - consider a cheaper hobby.

4. Long exposure night trials aren't great in freezing, damp conditions. My lens kept fogging up and my tripod developed a lovely coat of frost. Must try again warmer conditions. Refer to item 2 for trouser report.

Perfect reflections at Loughrigg Tarn
Dipping into The Lakes
05th November 2013
I'm off to the Lake District to look out for some autumn colours. I'm not exactly sure what leaves I'm going to find due to the recent spell of windy weather but it still looks as though most of the leaves are late turning into their autumn foliage this year.

I'll be based near Ambleside at a pleasant country cabin, owned and hand crafted personally by mate Dave (well, the shed was hand built). With a bit of luck I'll even have fresh bed linin.

More research required - locations I have in mind are Grasmere, Elterwater and Loughrigg Tarn.
Back From Solvenia
27th October 2013
What a fantastic break!

My workshop holiday in Slovenia went very well and we were blessed with some superb weather which mean it was a extremely productive time for photography. A typical day meant an early alarm call at 0400 (4 am) to head out for sunrise at either Plan A or Plan B, and then we were on the road until about 2000hrs (8 pm). Tiring, but worth it.

The autumn leaves were at their best and mornings were generally misty and interesting, which some good low cloud cover thrown in for effect. I don't think it could have been a lot better really.

I was very impressed with Slovenia, the countryside, the mountains and the places were all clean and interesting. Very peaceful at this time of year (especially at 6 am) but they say it can get very hot and very busy during the summer months. I would definitely say that Slovenia is a hidden gem.

Being close to the Italian border we were able to expand the field of photo opportunities and again, the lakes and mountains were superb.

This time I didn't lose any equipment but I have swopped by 17-40mm lens now for a 16-35mm version, which I hope will be even sharper.

It'll take me a while to process all the shots - but here is a starter for 10.